BigBlueButton (BBB) Support

This is a thread for people asking questions about our video conferencing system, BigBlueButton (or BBB for short) at .

The OER4Covid initiative provides BBB account access for institutional coordinators to collaborate synchronously with educators working on project activities. Requests for a BBB account from OER4Covid collaborators can be submitted online.

Useful BBB Tutorial Video Links:

Please note: we don’t currently have capacity to provide web-conferencing facilities for teaching at your institution. However, we can provide technical advice for institutions to set up their own BBB conferencing systems.

Acknowledgement: The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO has provided funding support for the hosting of BBB for the OER4Covid initiative.


It’s great to know that the government of New Zealand is willing to assist with BBB support. How could I know that the support could be provided for my country?

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Hi @tboota

Thanks for your query - All educators in Kiribati will be able to use the OER4Covid BBB installation to communicate with each other during lockdown (if that is happening in your country.)

As a small Island state with a total population of 115K, I’m confident that our servers would be able to handle the traffic if you were to use the system for supporting learners - so please go ahead and utilize this opportunity during the COVID crises.

In countries with large populations, for example India (1.353 billion) our server instances would not be able to support the high traffic demands if this instance were to be used for teaching - so we need to restrict this to Educators collaborating on the OER4Covid initiative. However, we could explore options for a cooperative solution where multiple institutions in country share the costs of the servers. These institutions could also donate technical support time to help with the administration.


Would a country like Uganda have BBB support for teaching while others wait!!!

In ensuring learning takes place even during this period of lockdown, I am running a capacity development short programme on online teaching. This programme is based on OER courses including OERu digital lit and the Openlearn on Take your teaching to online. Is it possible to use BBB for facilitating support to students?

Hi Mpine (@qakisme)

Providing support for educators in using OER definitely falls within the scope of the OER4Covid initiative and you are most welcome to use the BBB instance for these activities - thanks for reaching out and confirming your use case.

Regrettably we need to restrict use of this facility for teaching of existing university and college programmes. With OER4Covid participants from more than 87 countries - we will not be able to handle the demand for mainstream teaching of hundreds of thousands of learners :-(.

However, we are happy to share advice and technical support for any country wanting to implement BBB for mainstream teaching. As an open source solution - its would be considerably cheaper than commercial alternatives.

Dear Wayne
Thank you very much for your quick response and clarification. I am using the digital literacy course as introductory course. It exposes students to different tools that are available for teaching and learning.

Hi Mpine (@qakisme)

The Learning in a Digital Age micro-courses are a good starting point.

Given that we have a LiDA103 cohort starting on Wednesday 6 May next week - you could provide support webinars for African participants? The Orientation learning pathway incorporates the full range of digital tools we use at OERu - plus you would have the added benefit of a “live” cohort.

Look forward to seeing you online!

Thank you
In this period of lockdown I have scheduled edutech tutorials for my fellow teachers as well as for my students.

I set up a server for New Mexico educators here (, but I am still working out kinks and glitches. Feedback would help and be most welcome, it can be publicly tested for improvement purposes. I would like to have it running by summer for 150 concurrent sessions in Northern NM. Thanks, Jonathan.