Collecting Stories of Extraordinary COVID-19 Responses

Alan from central Canada here… I always trust that human level stories can help us through these times. Right now individual educators, organizations, communities everywhere are making extraordinary efforts, large and small, to help learners.

As part of a new project with OE Global I opened an open site to collect such stories from their CCCOER community, but set it up to be more open to stories from anywhere.

I invite anyone here to share a story from the world wide landing page, but could easily set up a specific page and category to collect ones from OER4COVID, especially to share how OERs are helping right now.

(this is all done in WordPress using an open theme that allows visitors to contribute without requiring logins or identifying information).


Thanks for sharing @cogdog

What a cool initiative! If you send me a promotional paragraph, I’ll include that in the next outgoing #OER4Covid newsletter to shine a little light on our stories.

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@Mackiwg @cogdog I would like to contribute. send me more details .

Thanks! Just share a story here

Alan Levine

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Thanks @Mackiwg - I’ve done some reorganizing and created an intro/welcome page and a category just for OER4Covid, mostly what is there are a few relevant ones submitted already from the Community Colleges Consortium for OER and others I plucked from tweets.

It would help greatly if the community here submitted new stories directly via Stories need not be large scale, ones of individual teachers or community members are important.

Try this as a blurb?

We are in the midst of educational history during this worldwide effort of transition to online learning in response to the coronavirus pandemic. OERs have a clear value and role. Perhaps lost in this are the stories of extraordinary efforts by individual educators, communities, and institutions. The Extraordinary Stories of Open and Online in the COVID-19 Era site was launched to capture such stories and now includes a specific OER4Covid collection for stories highlighting this role of OERs in action. Please share a short story today via

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Very interesting Alan
see a similar initiative called Online Resilience developed within the UNIMED network, also using a SPLOT :slight_smile:.
Link here:
Best to all,

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Actually Fabio, it was the Online Resilience UNIMED site that inspired me to create this site. I borrowed (and linked to original) one story from there:

I need to include Online Resilience as a reference in the about page (and a few more collections I have come across).


Great theme and project (TRU) - thanks for sharing, will have to test that out! Jonathan.

Still seeking stories of the great efforts educators are making in response to the pandemic (which oddly, in some parts of the world, seem to thought of as “over”) . We have picked up a nice variety since this first post, see the latest, maybe leave a comment?

There’s room for many more, just share with this friendly web form (we have an experimental form that is fully translated into Spanish)