INTRODUCTIONS: Please introduce yourself to the OER4Covid community

Hi Jack (@jackkoumi )

Thank you for your generous gift of those papers hosted on - Would it be possible for you to apply a CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license to the originals?

The Philippines OU qualifies to join the OERu Outreach Partnership Programme for free. So if they’re interested in migrating your course into a MOOC format - the OERu platform is an option.

We’ll be hosting a cohort instance of the OERu’s Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development in the coming weeks which is an ideal opportunity to provide capacity development for educators wanting to learn how to publish open online courses using the OERu open source platform.

Perhaps an opportunity to provide wider access to your course in via an OER-enabled MOOC delivery environment?

My name is peninah Kamau a faculty member in one of the public universities in Kenya. Thank you for giving me an opportunity for membership and to participate in such a forum. I joined this group first to benefit from the online resources for teaching and learning during this period. I will also be able to interact and exchange information with the members in this platform and contribute towards the emerging issues in the field of education and training

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Hi again Wayne

I have modified the two original files to include a CC-BY-SA licence.

Regarding the question of a MOOC on the OERu platform, UPOU already have some MOOCs, but in the Education Faculty, rather than mine (Faculty of Information & Communication Studies). I have contacted the Dean regarding OERu platform.

All the best

Jack Koumi

Educational Media Production Training

Newton House

49 Bilton Road


CV22 7AN

United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer, University of the Philippines

Senior Fellow of European Distance and E-learning Network

Past Vice-President of ICEM

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With many of us confined to wait out the storm maybe the creative energies that have long been forced to take a back seat to daily requirements of life can now take front stage! If your thoughts are on helping to meet global needs - yes, the World has gotten a lot smaller! - checking out or creating OER resources is an activity you need to consider now.

If your interests are in global elementary and secondary school mathematics, maybe checking out a 5 star MERLOT rated, twice (2018, 2016) United Nations recognized Open Access [free to do research with] educational website . It provides over 6 500 content age appropriate links to CK-12, Khan Academy, AAAKnow, NCERT (India), Ukuqonda Math (South Africa), A+Click (England) and other OER/Open Access materials for 1 000 of the most common k-12 math terms that appear in textbook and OER/Open Access series.

Now is the time to explore OER resources, and to add new OER materials to the global library.

Oh! and has an aka of Jim Kelly. Thank you.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for prompt open licensing of your outstanding resources.

When we run the Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development course in the next couple of weeks - there may be a few learners who would like to assemble and publish a MOOC on the OERu platform based on your resources as their design project. Of course, we would welcome participation from UPOU colleagues if they’re interested.

OER is about abundance (not artificial scarcity) - having multiple MOOC instances in building capacity for video in ODL is a good thing imo. :-).

Thanks again for your generous gift!

Dear @kamau

Warm greetings from New Zealand and a special welcome to educators from Kenya! Its great to see growing numbers from Africa - my birth continent.

I am Arshad Mehmood Qamar, Lecturer at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad Pakistan.
i am interested to learn how other regions are doing their best to combat with Covid-19 Pandemic.
I am Interested to contribute my expertise during this Covid-19 pandemic period.
i want to synergize this collective effort by contributing some time for the cause of awareness regarding Combating Covid-19. Thanks

Dear All

I am Bharti Kaushik, working as faculty member in the area of inclusive education at National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) India.
My passion is to find ways and strategies to make education accessible and joyful for all, including the persons with disabilities.

I am here to learn and share experiences

regards Bharti

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome, its a pleasure to interact with educators miles and miles away.My specialization is community based training in vocational skills and currently a trainer at Egerton university department of Applied Community Development Studies in the Faculty of Education. My main interest in instructional methods and resources that will also enhance learning and training in both formal and non formal programs

Dr. Peninah W.Kamau
Trainer- Egerton University

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Good day.
I am Agnes Akinwole from Nigeria.
I lecture Computer courses at Department of Computer Technology, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos State.
I would like to collaborate and share experiences with others on using OER for teaching in Institutions.

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Hello! This is Dr Madhavi Dharankar, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Educational Technology, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, India.

OER has been always important, but I feel during COVID19 pandemic its utility has been understood at a much larger scale.

Since educational technology and instructional designing are the areas of my work, I would like to contribute in these areas. Am also looking forward to more collaborative work with the fellow members.

I am John Stampe, originally from United States, but have lived and worked in Thailand for the last 28 years.

Currently, I am a lecturer in environmental science at Assumption University of Thailand and formerly a lecturer in engineering and an environmental consultant.

I have been involved with OER for many years and have written OER and use them in my courses.

I am willing to help contribute in any way I might be useful.

I am Preeti Dogra from India. I am working in the capacity of Assistant Professor at the Department of Higher Education, Government of Jammu and Kashmir and I teach Environmental Sciences. I’m looking forward to the course as online teaching platforms are the only available ways right now to reach out to our students during lockdown in the entire nation and many of the open resources would be of immense value. Also would be happy enough to contribute in terms of framing some material for the students. Thanks

Hi all
I would like to join the group for discussion about OER and enhance my knoledge as well.

Dear Wayne,
My name is Dr. Sameen Motahhir and I am an Assistant Professor at Information Technology University, Lahore and the Director at the Center for Digital Humanities and Director of the Disruptive Innovation Lab. My interest and research lies in online teaching at higher education institutes and I have been developing Google Discussion Boards and other online platforms to create Virtual Classrooms and Communal Spaces. I believe in free education for all.
Take care and keep safe,

Hi everyone,

I’m Simon Maseko a Vice-Principal at an Open School in Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. I’ve joined the Community to learn how to identify, repurpose and also develop OERs. I will contribute what I understand by Open Schooling.

Hi Simon, welcome here. Apology I was away for a short while, but pleased you have joined us from Eswatini!


It is a pleasure to be here.

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Hello Everyone
I am Nisha Singh working as Deputy Director in Centre for Online Education (COE) at Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India. I am associated with faculty Development programmes and work for building awareness about OER and encouraging faculty members to contribute to the development of OER in the local language.
I would like to join the collective effort of the community for OER.
Nisha Singh