INTRODUCTIONS: Please introduce yourself to the OER4Covid community

Dear Prof. Linda

It is a pleasure to hear about the willingness of scholars like you helping towards a worthy act to educate the world, spending your valuable time. I am pretty sure we can improve the knowledge of millions of needy around the world by working together and willing to volunteer at any time if there is a necessity.

Be Happy and Healthy


Hi Linda (@lindaac)

Welcome to #OER4Covid. The University of London is a pioneer of distance learning dating back to your innovations more than 150 years ago implementing the external programme whereby learners could earn degrees sitting University of London exams. This innovation has inspired much of our work at OERu.

Look forward to sharing and comparing notes as we collectively move to more open and sustainable platforms.

I’m Bo Causer, currently at Kagoshima University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. I have a Masters’ in Digital Education, BEd Arts Education, and am currently working towards my Doctorate, focusing on Built Environment Education. I’d like to be able to help more of the staff at my university as they transition into online lessons, but I haven’t been working in the field, despite the degree, so I’m hoping to brush up my ancient skills through this initiative.

Hi Everyone

My name is Debra Marsh and I am an experienced learning designer and have many years online learning and teaching experience.

I have joined this group as I hope my experience and expertise can be of some help in these challenging times. My learning and teaching expertise is more pedagogical than techincal, and I have spent many years working with teachers as they transition from face to face to online.

I have also plenty of experience of remote working … over 18 years in all. This has included remote project management and team management. I have recently been involved in setting up a company which is 100% remote based and spent a lot of time working out guidelines and support for our teams.

Please do not hesitate to message me directly … very much looking forward to interacting with you all here in this forum.


Thank you very much. It is a privilege to work at University of London and also a responsibility given the heritage :slight_smile:

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Thank you for those kind and encouraging words. The University of London has a long history of providing accessible, high quality education, and for us that continues in the digital realm now. But as the drive to digital/online learning continues, we do see that some sections of some populations are excluded through limitations in their ability to access the online environment. And this is an important limitation for us to consider I believe.

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During my researches I have observed that it is not only the infrastructure that hinders the involvement with online/mobile-based learning. For most students there were issues on digital literacy, adapting to VLE and issues with the attitude towards new pedagogy.

Dear Bo

It is interesting to hear that you are going to help your colleagues. I believe learning new things makes us more alive. I am working in the IT field and I have a BA and reading for Masters are in the field of language teaching where I research on applied linguistics and online/mobile-based language teaching.
Feel free to let me know if you need any help via my email,, as I believe that sharing knowledge leads us to expose to new avenues which give us more knowledge and merits.

Stay Safe and Healthy


Dear Dr Debra

It is a privilege to meet you here and glad to hear about the willingness to help the student community in a crisis situation. your recent research seems more interesting and wishing you all the success with it.

Wishing you happiness


Dr CA Kishore Peshori is an academician with prsistanactitioner blend. An avid reader,Past Rotarian Assistant District Governor and member of Board of Studies of University of Mumbai. Currently Principal of Smt. Mithibai Motiram. Kundnani college is committed to maintain higher education in this well known education in Mumbai . An A rated institution is popular among students for placements, sports and cultural events. We are committed to be leaders in commerce education and wok as community leader in today"s era

Hello everyone, I am Aras Bozkurt from Anadolu University Turkey. I believe that the value of openness and sharing is understood during the covid19 pandemic and there is a need to show more efforts to promote openness in education and its derivations.

Yes, those are barriers to engagement, but with well structured on-boarding including community building and orientation students often adapt well to the new learning opportunities afforded by digital spaces. And dissonance between expectations around pedagogy is not uncommon in face to face teaching, so some similar strategies can support engagement and adjustment. Interesting issues indeed :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My name is Joelle Le and I am an Educational Technologist, in the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia.

  • My reasons for joining the group

Like a lot of people who have joined the global OER4Covid support community, I’d like to seek advice to better support our students and staff in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. I am specifically focused on pedagogically-innovative online teaching practices.

  • What I believe I can contribute to the collective efforts

There have been some pedagogically-innovative online teaching practices that have emerged within CASS during the COVID-19 crisis – and these examples can be shared with the community, if anyone is interested.

Thank you for letting me be part of the OER4Covid support community. I look forward to collaborating and sharing!

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Dear All,

This is Julius Sihombing from Jakarta - Indonesia, joining these community for learning about connecting OER which focus for secondary TVET with TVET community.

Hello Everyone
Myself Dr Babita Parashar, a teacher educator from rural India. Explored and realized the immense potential of OER in quality education. Acquainted myself with development of OER through various OER,s, attended online courses, webinars. Organised workshops in blended mode at my campus for colleagues and students to create awareness about OER. The ground work which we did in OER came very handy during COVID 19, now our students and teachers have been using OER extensively. I joined the group to educate myself further from OER community and contribute my bit too.
I have a modest experience of developing and disseminating OER awareness and graduating it to being an asset in assessbility of quality education which is inclusive too. It would be an honour to contribute in that line.


Dear Dr Parashar

Though there is a high potential of technology assisted learning, it was not in the concern of most of the South Asian teachers before COVID19 pandemic. But this is a golden opportunity to adhere to that as it is a way to assist the student in a progressive way when the teachers and students are well aware about the positive outcomes of it. Happy to assist you.

Stay Safe and Healthy


Hello everyone…
I am Anju Sanwal from India. I am working as a research scholar at Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) ,Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education ( STRIDE).

  1. Since my area of research is “Quality in Education”. I want to join this group to learn and educate learners ,“How the use of OERs can enhance quality in education?”
  2. My best efforts would be towards suggesting , how OER could be utilised in a better way satisfying learners’ needs.
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Hi everyone.
I would like to contribute the following.

A video-expertise resource for running online courses

The two papers in this resource summarise a course on “Scriptwriting for Effective Instructional Video” that I have been running and enhancing since 2019 for BA in Multimedia students at the Philippines OU. The development of this Course began at the BBC OU Production Centre in 1982, the first of 12 years when we ran an annual 3-month Course, “Television Production in Education and Development.” Subsequently, 100+ workshops in 42 countries, a book in 2009 and a MOOC in 2017 have revamped the ideas.

Hi Jack

Welcome to OER4COVID.

It’s a privilege to have your extensive experience in video and multimedia in ODL joining our group.

Can you please confirm the license of the resource links you have shared with us?

We are focusing on OER with rights to reuse, adapt and modify. Just want to confirm copyright permissions.


Wayne Mackintosh (Mobile)
OER Foundation / OERu

Sorry Wayne, I neglected to confirm my total permission for all resuse, adapt and modify.

Incidentally, UPOU has been looking into migrating my course into a MOOC, but you may know how complex is UP bureaucracy, which has further complexified due to the coronavirus