OER covid 2019.20

Online learning app all over world in all areas

Google Meet, ZOOM, Facebook Live, Facebook Video chat Messenger, Microsoft teams, Google hangouts, SKYPE, STACK etc

Hi @john

Thanks for your list of tools, most of which are typically used for synchronous communication (occurring at the same time).

Preparing for remote teaching during the Covid19 pandemic provides a good opportunity for us to integrate asynchronous communication (not occurring at the same time) to support learning and provide greater flexibility for learners to shuffle and organize their time around other commitments (for example parents who have additional responsibilities looking after children during lockdown).

This recent post by Maha Bali and Bard Meier is worth a read.

I should also note that all the technology suggestions you have made are all proprietary.

A key aim of the OER4Covid initiative is to provide examples of free and open source software (FOSS) solutions to minimize the risks associated with vendor lock in and forcing learners to sacrifice their personal data. So we hope to share FOSS alternatives for educators to consider.

Keen to hear what technology tools OER4Covid collaborators are using at this time.

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Respected Prof

Whatever you said is well received and taken.


The article by Bali and Meier really resonates with me, having been criticized by my university for not using synchronous learning (specifically Microsoft Teams).