OER4Covid Needs and demographic survey

The OER4Covid administered a short online survey to identify needs and to help prioritise support activities.

  • Survey was opened on 21 April 2020

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Summary of survey results

Full survey results of completed responses as of 5 May 2020.

Key findings

  • 711 completed responses from 85 countries
  • 91% of schools and 93% of post-secondary institutions under lockdown
  • 86% of respondents working remotely from home.
  • Only 14% of respondents report no stress under COVID19

Recommended interventions in order of priority.

Suggested interventions were all rated helpful and are listed below in rated order of priority using the “Extremely helpful” category. Active OER4Covid interventions are also listed.

  1. Free online courses to support capacity development for educators in OER and open educational practices (46% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  2. Access to open source software tools (44% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  3. Free access to web-conferencing tools for synchronous communication for OER4Covid collaborators working together (41% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  4. Curated list of recommended resources to support the transition online learning (39% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  5. Access to OER-enabled online courses for local use at your institution (36% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  6. Institutional working groups to organise activities (32% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  7. Support groups for educator health and well being (30% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  8. Webinar sessions with expert panellists (29% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  9. National working groups to organise activities (28% rated “Extremely helpful”)
  10. Drop in webinar sessions to ask questions and share experiences (26% rated “Extremely helpful”)
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Here is an online summary of the survey results for the items that can be displayed dynamically.

We will share full results once the survey is closed.

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