Probable Parameters for OER4Covid

Following parameters could be considered in the design of OERs for COVID-19.

  1. Geographical location.
  2. Statistics on emergence of cases.
  3. Epidemiological survey and the follow-up on the data obtained.
  4. Contribution of higher educational institutes in mitigation strategies

I request others to share their views.

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1.Grass root level survey
2. Socio - Economic level status Survey
3. Collaboration of Students community for field outreach support Service

Hi John,
Will discuss on these aspects further.
Thanks for the response.

Sorry so late in chiming in Shabib, but I would address COVID and other *demics from impact on OER culture-based parameters:

  1. So-called “gaslighting” of proprietary educational software through fear of epidemic
  2. Exacerbation of “Access” to educational opportunities through remote work in traditionally under-served regions
  3. Before-after analysis of impact on *demics and use of online education in prim/sec/tert levels

Although I teach mathematics as well, my primary academic research focus is as an educational leader, not a scientist per se. So, as a result, I would personally focus on how it impacts educational culture and cultures of learning.

These could be survey based results with appropriate pre-screening and pilots, etc. Sorry so late in chiming in!

Jonathan Haack