SHORT TERM INTERVENTIONS: Please share suggestions to initiate the OER4Covid cooperation

The OER4Covid initiative has identified a number of short term interventions to assist institutions with their transition to remote teaching using OER. Please click on reply “arrow” below to suggest additional short term interventions.

This wiki post provides a summary of our short term activities.

Active initiatives

  1. Communications: Establish BigBlueButton web conferencing server for Educators to cooperate synchronously on OER4Covid activities while in lockdown.
  2. Organisation: Conduct survey to identify community volunteers to establish a global network of teams for OER4Covid activities (Responses required by Thursday 16 April 2020).
  3. Capacity development: In partnership with COL and ICDE, launch a cohort instance of online micro-course OER, copyright and open licensing in a digital world commencing 6 May 2020 including free access to the Certificate of competency in Copyright and Creative Commons - Register here.
  4. Sharing online courses: Provide unrestricted access to OERu’s Learning in a Digital Age online micro-courses which can be assessed locally for formal credit within local degress (Assessments and rubrics provided for local reuse and adaptation.)
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For Educators: job aids and checklists - summaries to guide educators through the process of bringing up an online course. Lists of steps, important ideas to consider with links to details for implementing that component.

There is an immediate need - physical schools are closed but schools are continuing online with minimal time for transition and preparation. For example, at our college spring quarter start was delayed a week to give faculty time for professional development and preparation. Courses now have to be completed in 11 weeks rather than the usual 12. These folks can’t wait. They need help now.

For students: job aids and checklists - summaries of practices for being online learners. What to expect, how to find own resources, how to be a self-directed learner, how to seek help. Lists with links to resources and more detailed instructions.

Respected Sir @Mackiwg,
I have registered at survey to identify community volunteers and capacity development online course ‘OER, copyright and open licensing in a digital world’.

Online micro-courses under ‘Learning in a Digital Age’ have been also shared by me with teachers and research scholars.

Thank you :pray:.

With regards


Thanks for your update and help in sharing information about the free course with teachers and research colleagues.

Working together we can achieve much more than working alone!

Respected Sir,

I have asked my students, colleague and friends circle to enroll for the online course on “OER, Copyright and Open licensing in a digital world”. This is my first step stepping into this forum.

Respected Sir,
Greetings. I have participated in the Survey to identify Community Volunteers and enrolled for the micro course on Learning in digital age.

It would be great if Option #1 could be expanded to perhaps include a network and/or group of educators that are working on setting up BBB instances. The BBB post/thread as well could be included to provide links to the BBB support email group, BBB documentation, but also serve as a way for OER newbies at setting up BBB instances to get immediate help through each other perhaps. Just an idea …