SUPPORT REQUESTS: Topic suggestions for future webinars

The OER4Covid initiative is planning to schedule a number of “office hours” support webinars to discuss topics and support queries requested by the community.

Please click on the reply button to suggest future webinar topics.

Summary of potential topics

Global suggestions

(The initial list was extracted from queries posted in the Introduction forum)

  1. How to support students with limited financial and technology resources (@Hennie)
  2. Supporting learners with limited digital fluency (@Hennie)
  3. Exams during lockdown (@mdyck)
  4. Mental health and wellbeing working from home (eg challenges for working parents with children at home because of school closures.) (@mdyck)
  5. Affordable technology-enabled and OER-enabled teaching-learning solutions (@indkon)
  6. Cloud solutions to host FOSS technologies (@indkon)
  7. Off-the-grid and offline teaching-learning solutions (eg COL’s Aptus) (@indkon)

South Asia suggestions

  1. New media literacy competence for online learning during COVID-19 in developing countries like India (@satyendrakumar)
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How to Prepare students for jobs: Interview skills, Portfolio management and other techniques.

Respected sir @Mackiwg,
I would like to suggest a topic for a webinar that is ’New media literacy competence for online learning during COVID-19 in developing countries like India’.

With regards :pray:

Hi @satyendrakumar

That is an excellent suggestion. During our webinar I suggested that we should act locally as a point of departure and share globally recognizing that for #OER4Covid solutions to be successful, they must be contextually relevant. I have added your suggestion to the South Asia regional sub-section for your suggested topic.

In this regard, we aim to establish a global #OER4Covid network of teams with institutional, national and regional hubs of coordinators. I will be be distributing a survey in the next day or two to identify volunteer coordinators for these teams.

Supporting new media and digital literacies for institutions participating in the OER4Covid initiative

To assist education institutions with the transition to online learning during the pandemic, in the short term the OERu will provide unrestricted access to our OER-enabled online course: Learning in a Digital Age which comprises four micro-courses:

  • Digital literacies for online learning
  • Digital citizenship
  • Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital word
  • Critical media literacies and associated digital skills.

OER4Covid institutions can reuse and adapt the openly licensed assessments for local credit towards their own qualifications. This course would be easy to integrate for approval in all local degrees that have an elective option. I’ll be posting more information about this initiative in the coming days.


Dear Sir,

These are some of the topics suggested by me for the webinars:

  1. How to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA), to the learners. who may have lost some of their relatives in this pandemic?
  2. Sensitization of student fraternity towards basic public health and hygiene.
  3. Programming of the conventional education system to deal with unprecedented situation like COVID-19 in developing countries.
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Can we have a kind of online flipped learning classes…because when we are using traditional learning methods using online platforms, we are unable to generate students motivation as whatever platform we are using it creates a kind of monotony on the part of students. Plz through some light…

Dear Friends,

I would like to suggest some topic under this Pandemic situation

  1. Addressal of Psychological and mental health of digital learners
  2. Strengthening of Moral, Social Values,Managerial skills under crisis through online learning platform

Hello Everyone
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in this time of Pandemic Administrators are also facing various problems, so we can discuss on the issue of Leadership and Management.