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To establish a network of self-organising institutional, national and regional OER4Covid teams.


Organising principle: Act locally, share globally

OER4Covid envisages a network of:

  • Teams operating at the institutional, national and regional levels
  • Working groups for specific areas of interest
  • Volunteer coordinators who convene activities of teams and working groups through self-organisation.

OER4Covid working groups

The following working groups were proposed during the launch webinars:

  • OER content development, curriculum design and learning design
  • Facilitators for capacity development courses
  • Action research
  • Resource curation
  • Technology support
  • Educator health and well-being
  • Community communications

The establishment of working groups within institutional and national groupings are optional and will be determined by local needs and sufficient numbers of interested individuals to coordinate activities.

Contact details for founding volunteer coordinators

Volunteer coordinators were invited to lead the organisation of the activities of their working groups. Where there are multiple volunteer coordinators, working groups should decide how they would like to organise themselves, for example rotating convenors or committee model.

The OER4Covid initiative posted an open invitation for founding coordinators (closing date 16 April 2020). The contact details of the volunteer coordinators for the following working groups, who provided permission for publishing information online, can be accessed below.


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Contact details of coordinators and group members from original volunteer survey

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