[COEP19] Group 1: 15% solutions and national decision proposals for wicked question

Wicked question

  • How is it that institutions recognise the value of OER and open education, yet the competitive ownership model continues?

15% solutions

List 15% solutions to wicked question most individuals and institutions have discretion and freedom to act

  • Needs to be practice-driven to effect change at institutional level (e.g. to inform policy)
  • The PBRF process does recognise collaboration - should this be brought to the fore/carry more weight?
  • The funding model needs to reflect cross-disciplinary/cross-institutional collaboration

National decision proposals

  • There should be a collaborative council of universities and NZIST to address Higher Ed issues in NZ, to begin to break down competitive model/culture
  • In the ITP sector, there is a massive opportunity for OER to become an integral part of NZIST - is that represented in the working groups and ongoing discussions? It should be!
  • The Government is trying to disperse the international student market across NZ - through OER, can institutions collaborate to deliver their courses offshore in learners’ home countries?
  • Should guidelines be put together for development of OER materials (in terms of quality assurance) to be placed in a national/international repository?
  • Development of a NZ Community of Practice around OER/OEP - possibility of OER Fellowships as recognition of practice, commitment, impact…