[COEP19] Group 2: 15% solutions and national decision proposals for wicked question

Wicked question

Why is it that as educators we want to share knowledge with our students using teaching resources and yet we are unable (or unwilling?) to share with each other across institutions?

15% solutions

List 15% solutions to wicked question most individuals and institutions have discretion and freedom to act
More questions:

  1. Wider creation of OERu resources -
  2. How do we encourage wider adoption?
  3. Understanding the barriers -

15% solutions individual and institutional level

  1. Share OPs process of embedding LiDA into our GDTE with other ITPs/Unis. Using OER and EduBits.
  2. Encourage learners to complete LiDA as a summer programme. This could be RPL’d against a learners programme of study.
  3. Use existing relationships ie the SED Hub group through Ako Aotearoa
  4. Disseminating the results of the COEP survey to learners in the first instance

National decision proposals

List national decision proposals including the national entity that should implement the decision.

  1. Collaboration of resources across institutions