[COEP19] Group 3: 15% solutions and national decision proposals for wicked question

Wicked question

Why do our institutions and government ministries (e.g. Education, Health) consistently select foreign corporate proprietary platforms (with offshore data stores) while rejecting the products of the commons, like OERs, open access journals, and open source software, which can be demonstrated to work while simultaneously embracing Tikanga Māori, data sovereignty (on-shore), and being low cost and reliable?

15% solutions

List 15% solutions to wicked question most individuals and institutions have discretion and freedom to act

  1. make sure our institutions recognise we see this status quo as a problem.
  2. achieve broad agreement that this is a problem

National decision proposals

List national decision proposals including the national entity that should implement the decision.

  • include investigation of viable commons-based (openly licensed) resources for addressing every content and technology procurement.
  • mandate a procurement criterion of open standards compliance. Further suggestions on this, particularly in the context of software selection/procurement, are covered in this blog post.

How come we have no national space e.g. National Library to collect the open textbooks and oer resources from Māori / Aotearoa NZ perspective?