Creating mobile friendly wikieducator pages?

Hi folks

I’d like to create some simple pages that will render well on mobile devices. Just simple text and a photo. The idea would be that they would render without the Wikieducator framing, or with the logo on top, and rather than running off the side of the screen, the text would wrap to the size of the device. Is it possible? Wikipedia seems to have it down. My intent is to launch content for nature walks using QR codes. The content would be broadly applicable to other users in. Here is an example: HGNP/goldenrod - WikiEducator


Hi Declan - I suggest that we set up a WordPress course site on with a responsive theme. You will be able to publish a collection of WikiEducator pages to the site.

We have not implement responsive themes on the WikiEducator website due to competing priorities and lack of development resources.

Would that help?


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