Help with OERu CMS

Hi everybody,
It is the time of year where i need to go in and add new content to the CMS regarding our 4 new courses to be offered in 2016. I have not had to use the CMS for about 12 months and hence have completely forgot what the URL is, let alone what to do once I get there. Could you please let me know how to get in, and if possible could those instructions be added to this page
I searched for info on how to do this but came up with this page - it listed who - but not how/what.
Thanks in anticipation,

Hi Sarah,

What a wonderful surprise! Four new courses from the University of Wollongong we were not aware of. An early Xmas gift :slight_smile:

For some reason these courses are not listed on the consolidated course submission list - perhaps you missed listing these on the wiki during the Institutional Action Plan submission process?

Please contact us off the list for login credentials to the CMS.

Wow - OERu is making good progress.

Lol i keep forgetting to correct the nominations page issue, we did nominate but the courses missed being moved to the right place when we consolidated the lists.