Ideas for organising COEP meetings

Throwing out a few ideas on how to organise COEP community meetings to support the growth and activities of our community. This is a conversation starter and we invite all individual COEP members to share their advice.

Frequency of CEOP web-conference meetings?

During our formative phase - perhaps a monthly meeting (we may need a few more as we lead up to the final preparations for the inaugural National OER practitioner and leadership symposium)?

Attendance on a “as available” basis. Meetings will be recorded and made available for anyone who is unable to attend.

Rotating chair / facilitator for each online meeting?

As an open collaboration, it’s important to share the load but also to create and build opportunities for members to develop leadership roles in our community.

Draft agendas are posted openly in the wiki so we will all have the opportunity to help shape the discussions.

Prospective volunteers may initially be daunted by the prospect of learning how to use the range of open technologies we use to host and keep a transparent record of our discussions and decisions. In this regard, staff from the OER Foundation and local NZ OERu community would be more than happy to provide support in learning how to use these tools.

Suggested tasks for the meeting facilitator

  1. Post an online poll to schedule the meeting time (The OERF will provide access to using our polling tool) - or would a fixed time, eg first Tuesday of every month at 4pm be better?
  2. Email a call for agenda contributions to be added to the wiki (OERF can assist with distribution of the Email to the list of subscribers.)
  3. Facilitate / Chair the meeting (OERF staff will be around to help with recording the meeting)
  4. Publishing a summary of the meeting in the wiki (see for example the summary from our 1st meeting)

A few initial ideas to get the conversation started - please share your ideas by replying to the post. (Remember - silence is deemed to be assent to the proposals ;-))

Feedback and recommendations from participants

(Recommendations are extracted from replies below)

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My 2 cents worth:
Fixed time preferable rather than polling for a time for every meeting. Monthly is fine.
Symposium subcommittee for extra meetings?
Recommend note taker as well as chair for each meeting - they are responsible for publishing a summary.

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Hi @rachel.whalley

Thanks for sharing - all good suggestions. I’ve converted the original post to wiki format and have added your suggestions with attribution under the Recommendations from participants section.

Please indicate your preference for scheduling COEP meetings

  • Fixed regular time
  • Schedule each meeting individually via online poll

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I like all those suggestions.


I support all the ideas

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