Null model paper in press; OER Vs traditional publication

Hi folks

The Null model project paper is in press with Bioscene, the Journal of College Biology teaching.

The irony of publishing about OER in a traditional journal is not wasted on me. But this one has a silver lining: “It is the policy of Bioscene that authors retain copyright of their published material”. I’m assuming that means I can upload it to commons and make it an open resource.

I’m also curious what folks in general think about the potential conflict traditional publication and OER. Academics still need peer reviewed publications for tenure and promotion. I know we experimented with peer review on WE some time back. Not sure where it went exactly. Regardless, I don’t think that traditional academic publication is going anywhere. Also it is a way to communicate OER content to a broader audience.

Thoughts for the day, and happy holidays to all who are getting one.



Hi Declan,
Would you be able to share a pre-print of your manuscript in an open repository like the Open Science Framework? That would help enormously.

Naturally, I prefer publishing my open education research in truly open access journals (and not just because of the open access citation advantage), but at least this year I was fortunate to have a fellowship that paid those exorbitant APCs so I was able to place an article about open education in a paywalled journal while ensuring that it is still openly accessible. But if I did not have this support I could not imagine coming up with the ransom payment.

Fortunately there are a growing number of open access journals that are quickly gaining steam and credibility in my field. I make sure I publish in these because I want to help tip my discipline’s normative publishing practice over to open access as soon as possible.


Once the final editing is done I’ll plop it right in there. Waiting on revised galleys.


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