OERu 19-10 Group 1, Session 4: Recommended 15% Solutions to Wicked Question

Wicked question

A. How do we articulate an ROI for the OERu partnership in light of increasing financial and competitive pressures?
B. What barriers affect enrollment in OERu courses (e.g., user experience, etc.)?

Recommended 15% solutions for feedback session


  1. Consult partners present at the meeting to learn about what they see as their ROI.
  2. Identify what the institution actually wants to achieve, what it values, and where it is struggling (behind closed doors).
  3. Begin to quantify the impact of the OERu partnership


  1. Institutions should offer certificate programs by harnessing OERu courses (even in combination with their own courses)
  2. Identify ways to improve the user interface and experience and implement those changes.
  3. Articulate what the OERu is, how it works, and what its benefits are to internal stakeholders
  4. Market to students