OERu 19-10 Group 1, Session 7: Critical friend review and meeting priorities

What has OERu done well?

*Lived up to its mission
*Accessibility and flexibility
*Grow network (incl. free access partners in developing nations)
*Grow provision
*Adapt technology to the growth
*Use of FOSS software (increased accessibility)
*Gained international recognition
*Successful in driving Otago Polytechnic’s focus on influencing Government strategy (as part of Review of Vocational Education in NZ)
*Living values of trust
*Addressing social justice mandate of free access to education

How / where can the OERu improve?

  • Marketing
  • Dave to talk directly to IT leaders/teams in partner organisations

What are the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • How to consolidate current successes (and how to use them as marketing tools) e.g. learner stories, partner stories…
  • Aim for 10,000 learners by end of 2020
  • Start looking at 2nd-year of study (hot topics e.g. big data, blockchain, gaming, AI, virtual reality, cyber-security)
  • Share Otago Polytechnic’s ‘Fundamentals of Tertiary Teaching’ course (and associated EduBit) on OERu - opportunity to recognise skills of teaching staff in partner institutions and of individuals

Issues for CEOs meeting