OERu 19-10 Group 2, Session 4: Recommended 15% Solutions to Wicked Question

Wicked question

How does OERu get critical mass in a country’s HE institutions, beyond a small number of leading engaged HE institutions?

Recommended 15% solutions for feedback session

  1. Design and conduct a stakeholder (executive, staff (academic and professional), learners…) marketing campaign, clearly stating the benefits (institutional and individual) of the OERu
  2. Work with OERu-engaged/partner institutions (‘champions’) to develop and facilitate co-designed workshops and activities to demonstrate benefits to stakeholder groups.
  3. The purpose of these workshops is to show how the benefits of OERu (and OEP) address a particular institutional issue (e.g. textbook costs, course development costs, understanding of open practices…) - start with a problem for each of the stakeholder groups, and then demonstrate how OERu partners have solved it (in part or full)