OERu 19-10 Group 2, Session 7: Critical friend review and meeting priorities

What has OERu done well?

  • Bringing many of the leaders in open and online education together to discuss ideas, solutions and leading edge ideas

The transparency of the OERu. Anyone can observe and see what is happening

Has been able to scale technology

The LIDA pilot seemed to go well with 5000 learners

Exciting to see potential new credential pathways like CGS

How / where can the OERu improve?

Promotion of the OERu. Feeling that this story is not in the major publications like Times Higher Education (as an example)

Need to clarify what the OERu can offer to the prospective partners. Feeling that this is not necessarily clear

Explanation of how the network can explain transfer credit of the institution

Need marketing professionals

Communication strategy to both students and other institutions

Help institutions understand how open source technology can work with their own institution and what it means for interaction with say Microsoft at that institution (can they work together or will there be issues)

What are the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Come up with strategies to market the value of the OERu to both potential member institutions and students. i.e. get the word out about OERu

Come up with a framework to do a critical review of the OERu website. Map out a learner journey

The LIDA pilot seemed to demonstrate that the concept works. But what is next?

Issues for CEOs meeting

Discuss the strategy to demonstrate value to partners, prospective partners and learners

Come up with a brief synopsis of value for the OERu (an elevator pitch for lack of a better term)