OERu 19-10 Group 3, Session 7: Critical friend review and meeting priorities

What has OERu done well?

  • sharing knowledge about the OERu
  • creating/encouraging a community
  • implementing solutions to enable scalability
  • making progress towards a coherent user experience across multiple platforms and services
  • widening the term “openness” and how it’s understood by the network of participants
  • boldness of cross-national/juriisdictional articulation agreements, and that it’s been successfully executed.

How / where can the OERu improve?

  • Single Sign-on - lowering the cognitive load with better password/access integration
  • hearing from/engaging actual learners - invite them to forums, online participation, etc. - this creates the opportunity for learners to be co-designers (including framing).

What are the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Didn’t get to this…

Issues for CEOs meeting