OERu 19-10 Group 4, Session 7: Critical friend review and meeting priorities

What has OERu done well?

  • Technology stack and cost/scalability considerations
  • Learner choice
  • Working the shoestring budget

How / where can the OERu improve?

  • Start grabbing CIOs et al. by the scruff of the neck re: tech stack/costs
    • What are arguments for longevity (to counter “Microsoft is tried and true”)
  • Does bias toward open source preclude good solutions?
  • In terms of digital skills, closed-source platforms can be important to students (Msft Office)
  • Per-course student/user statistics (for anonymous and for registered students)
    • [staff or automation needed to aggregate course statistics]
  • Marketing to students and partners/interested institutions (as ever!)

What are the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Identifying/facilitating meaningful, bilateral collaboration between OERu members
  • User flow/experience (single sign-on, etc.)
  • Partner institution flow/experience

Issues for CEOs meeting

  • Please post issues for CEOs meeting here.
    Posted at link but cc:
    • significant cost-savings from open tech
    • improved functionality from open tech