OERu 19-10 My issue for the OERu Council of CEOs meeting

Throughout the OERu partner meeting, face-to-face and virtual participants are invited to post issues for consideration by the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) meeting.

If you have an issue you would like to be considered for inclusion in the agenda of the CEOs meeting, please submit by clicking on the reply button.

  • Improve understanding of micro-credentialling
  • business model - progress of and against
  • What are we doing with our data? How do we publicise it / leverage it better?
  • Promotion of OER/COEP symposium to partner institutions (incl. Direct e-mails to meeting participants)

(Group 4, Session 7):

  • significant cost-savings from open tech
  • improved functionality from open tech

Discuss the strategy to demonstrate value to partners, prospective partners and learners

Come up with a brief synopsis of value for the OERu (an elevator pitch for lack of a better term)