OERu 19-10 Session 4: My OERu wicked question

@cgoode and @oonaghmcgirr
Can there be direct (time) or indirect (equipment/software) recognition?

  1. How can we adapt our existing content development processes for Moodle and Canvas to produce OER u courses and how much effort will it take? Or do we have to set up a separate person to do this separately?
  1. What kind of fee levels as a fraction of the usual fee/cost should we aim for in order to price our OER u offering? E.g. in England it is regarded as impossible to cover costs at less than 1/3 tariff (about £3000 in England) and remain accredited even as a challenger provider. (UWI OC fee levels are similar.) Supplementary question on government support and loans.
  1. Are there lessons from TVET accreditation in especially NZ, Australia and UK that could lead to a “lightweight” simpler model for OER u accreditation, QA and credit transfer?