Open Education Week 2016 - invitation to be involved

Inspired by BC Campus’s events last year, I met with colleagues in the library today and we’re keen to make a bit of a splash and have a series of events, talks, demos etc for Open Education Week 2016.

It’s 7-11 March 2016.

Please let me know if you would be interested to be involved: offer a webinar/demo perhaps? What else?

I’d be keen for a bit of an Australasian focus, but happy for all the support we can get!


Sarah Lambert
Manager, Open Education
University of Wollongong

Are there any events or webinars happening? Any off-line chatter out there?

@Dmccabe, @slambert

This year the OER Foundation will be hosting the Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development course to coincide with Open Education Week 2016.

Details of this free online course can be found here.

@Mackiwg Shared the Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development course information on Twitter

Thanks Wayne; much appreciated!

HI OERu-ers,
I am organising 2 events for/at University of Wollongong, Australia to promote Open Education for Open Education week.

I am looking to see if we can web-cast one of these - a panel discussion or loose debate around the link/benefit of open education on distance education.

The timing is likely to only suit those from Vancouver to Boston in terms of timezones however. If this is of interest, please let me know as it will spur me on to organise!
Sarah Lambert

Yes please do this. It helps the community