Quality enhancements for IPM101

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a few quality enhancement tweaks for the Role of a project manager (IPM101) course we are currently reviewing:

  1. Added a Sitemap sub-page - its a little “old school” web practice, but I think a valuable addition to support navigation and provide a “Gestalt” for learners to understand the structure of a course site. Using wiki transclusion - this would be relatively easy to incorporate for all OERu courses and I recommend adding this as a style guide addition.
  2. Added an Orientation learning pathway intended for first-time OERu learners who may not be familiar with the OERu technology platform. Learners who have completed LiDA101 will be well versed in the platform, but we can’t assume that all learners will have completed LiDA101. This learning pathway has been set up as “template” wiki pages so again easy to incorporate on all OERu course sites using transclusion.

Look forward to connecting tomorrow for our quality meeting.