Quality Evaluation for OERu Courses

originally posted at the OERu Curriculum and Programme of Study Working Group.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been speaking to Wayne for a short while about developing a tool for
reviewing OERu courses. It could be used as a guide for design (essentially
building to some broadly-agreed-upon principles), as a way to review a course
before it is released, and as a way of guiding redevelopment. It would be used
in addition to, but aligned with, the current documentation such as the Course

To that end, I’m keen to gather together a group of people to do the following:

  • gather examples of course review documentation from a range of institutions
  • synthesise the documentation with the goal of applying it to open courses
  • beta-test with a few willing OERu courses, and then refine
  • release as a CC-licenced tool with an explanatory guide

Of course it will all be developed out in the open, but this gives you a rough
overview of what I’m proposing and the ‘broad-brush’ approach suggested. There
will also be nuances of the OERu that will need to be reflected - for example,
many online review documents mention ‘teacher presence’; the OERu by design
doesn’t have ‘presence’ in the traditional sense (although it can be partially
replicated in the design of learning paths and resources).

If you are interested in joining in, can you please reply below?


Adrian Stagg
Manager (Open Educational Practice)
Program Quality & Enhancement
University of Southern Queensland

Adrian, thanks for sharing!

The OERu family welcomes this initiative. and I encourage folk who would like to be part of this development to add their names on the wiki page we have set up for the project.

Nice one Adrian!

that’s amazing Adrian! thanks for sharing. I was just wondering if i may ask you questions in case you don’t mind. thanks!

Hi, I am sorry that I haven’t replied to your message earlier. Of course you can ask about this Working Party; I’d be pleased to answer any questions that arise.

Kind regards,