Recordings for the OERu Quality Group

Good morning everyone,

As discussed on the meeting on March 23, I have now uploaded all of our previous meeting recordings on to a YouTube channel. I have set the licence to a CC-BY.
As I’m a novice YouTube content distributor, I’d appreciate any feedback. If I have not set up any of the parameters correctly, please do let me know and they can be changed.

The Channel is at:

At the time of posting, I’m just waiting for a couple of videos to upload, so if there appears to be missing content, just wait a short while please.

Kind regards,

Hi Adrian,

Looks good to me.

There is a wiki template for YouTube video - which will pull in a thumbnail of CC-BY licensed videos. Due to proprietary restrictions of the player - videos will not embed on the wiki site, but will play on Youtube. Alternatively you can just post the URL link on the wiki summary pages.