Should OERu establish an Open Badges working group?

In the recent Input evaluation survey, 57% of the OERu partners indicated that they are planning to implement open badges.

We have established a rough consensus poll in WikiEducator to gauge opinion and advice from the OERu community on the establishment of an Open badges and micro-credentialing working group.

Please log into WikiEducator and let us know what you think.

I voted “agree” although I “strongly agree”. I’ve been looking at Open Badges for a number of years and I think they hold great potential for aggregating credits and easing the workload involved in checking out credentials for staff involved in Prior Learning Accreditation. However, this seems to be strongly linked to international course articulation, something I find quite difficult to get to grips with.To be honest, I have given neither of these two issues the time they deserve and this lack of time is behind my reluctance to “Strongly Agree” with a development that I may not be able to give enough time to.


I agree, the virtual mobility and international articulation component is an important piece in solving the puzzle. I don’t think that these are trivial issues to resolve and will certainly take time and effort.

That said, the OERu as an international network spanning 6 major regions of the world offers a unique opportunity to start thinking about these challenges and perhaps taking small steps in the right direction. Realistically our work will be constrained by the time we collectively have available. In theory, working together, I’m optimistic that we can achieve more than working alone.