Skype exchange?

Hi folks

I have skyped into a classroom recently and it was a positive experience from my point of view. I see such a free presentation as an open educational resource.

So I wonder if W.E. is the right place for a Skype exchange? Here’s my idea:

  1. Folks could sign up and commit to Skypeing into X number of classrooms.
  2. In return, each contributor could expect to host X Skypes in their own classroom.

Mechanically, the thing should be fairly user driven with minimal input from an administrator. The following functions would be important:

  1. Speakers would need to sign up.
  2. List the topic(s) they were willing to speak on; including links to papers and/or resources relevant to their topic
  3. Hosts would need to be able to confirm that a talk had been given (keep it all honest)
  4. It would be really slick if a system tracked where a speaker was in terms of credits (+2 = they committed to 4 talks and and hosted 2 for example)

If folks like this idea, is WE the place for it? Is there a better place? IF WE, would each each contributor need a WE account or could it be managed in some other way?

As usual in my case, I have ideas for content, but not necessarily all of the wiki skills to create the needed scaffolding. But this is why I love WE. We all bring different sills to the table.

Thoughts most welcome!