Viewing content from previous OERu courses

Hello Wayne (@Mackiwg) ,

An elementary question I sure, but one that has me stumped. How do we access past OERu courses so that the content, layout, etc can be seen. I have a group of staff who are working on the basics of an OERu course but would like to see a finished course.
I’m sure there is something fundamental I’m missing here.


Hi Adrian (@AdrianStagg)

The OERu authoring and publishing model (linked from the main OERu planning page under Open Design and Development) is a useful resource. It has links to examples and summarises the standard components of an OERu course.

The MVP course list is also a good place to scan examples of published courses.

  • The micro-course column links to the published course sites.
  • The Course column links to the respective planning page. From here, you will find the subpages for the course outlines used to generate the course snapshot.

Remember, when viewing any page of the published course site (on WordPress) there is a “content” link at the bottom of the page which links back to the source page in the wiki. Useful if you’re wanting to copy wiki formatting for your own developments.

Also if colleagues have any questions about the publishing model - you can post these on the #oer-course-dev channel on

Thanks very much, @Mackiwg, I’ll share this with the team. I have a couple of other questions so will head over to the course-dev page with those.