Webinar: The promise and perils of creating open courses

Please join us via Adobe Connect for an event we are running at Wollongong for
International Open Education Week.

Topic: International Studies Online: the promise and perils of creating online,
open-access courses

Date: Thursday 10 March 2016
Time: 12:30-1:30pm (Sydney, Wollongong),

NOTE this is Wednesday evening for our US/Canadian friends: 7.30pm in
Vancouver, 8.30pm in New York.

Presentation by Dr Deborah Mayersen, Law, Humanities and Arts, UOW. Deborah has
been instrumental in creating 3 of the 4 new courses that UOW are providing via

This presentation will be webcast to all via Adobe Connect

I believe that will actually be 5:30pm Wednesday in Vancouver and the rest of the Pacific time zone.

Apologies, I have slipped up somewhere on the world clock tool…