Meeting report of the 7th International Meeting of OERu partners - Feedback

The meeting report of the 7th International Meeting of OERu partners hosted by Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie has been published in the wiki.


As an open collaboration, we welcome comments and feedback from the OERu community.

Let the conversation continue as we implement more sustainable and affordable futures for higher education.


It’s great to see a “distilled” record of the meeting - well done Wayne, in capturing the whole event with such fidelity! I certainly found the meeting very auspicious thanks to our partners and their thoughtful participation! It’s very important to have this record… and a place like this forum to continue the discussions so we can maintain momentum! (But also looking forward to Dublin next year!).


It’s a team effort! Big thanks to @lightweight and @simonne.wood for your editorial oversight and the amazing folk at Charles Sturt University for hosting a memorable meeting.


Really useful to have a chance to reflect on the full record of all the discussions - there was so much to take in at the time. Lots of important projects and themes to follow up on. I’m particularly looking forward to continuing involvement in the discussions on the quality guidelines - an important tool to give confidence to course developers and help ensure the best possible outcomes for our learners.


A very empowering opportunity to learn from the different partners. Appreciated the various activities on implementations of OER at different organisational contexts. Looking forward to more collaborative activities.

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Thank you for your valuable contributions to the meeting and the open webinar. We’ll be in touch soon to transform your ideas to progress OER in PNG into reality.

Wayne Mackintosh (Mobile)
OER Foundation / OERu